Moya Centre

“Strengthening the future of Swaziland through the nurturing of children”


The Moya Centre is an organization which aims to strengthen the future of Swaziland through the nurture of children by assisting with educational and psychosocial support programmes for orphaned and vulnerable children. Founded in 1999, the Moya Centre has transformed and evolved through creating appropriate responses to community needs. We work within a development framework, seeking to achieve long-term sustainable change. It is now a well established safe space for orphaned and vulnerable children in the Mahlanya community.


In 1998 two American women, Margaret Keen and Lib Keeter had created quite a stir amongst our Swazi Community. They were working as volunteers, providing primary health care, providing vitamins and supplements. The queues of people stretched close to 100 long. It was clear that crowds were not only there for the free medicine, but primarily for the love, care and attention each person was receiving.
This was the key… Jane Cox asked to join them and so for two years worked alongside them voluntarily until their source of funding dried up. Encouraged and inspired by close friends who urged the ladies to open a centre, Moya came into being. The community rallied and provided what they could, giving Moya Centre its starting point.


A Trust was formed in June 1999. Peter Thorne and his family provided servitude of usus of 1 acre on their farm in Malkerns, which borders Mahlanya, a community riven by signs of poverty. Crucially to Moya’s success, the Indvuna, (assistant to the local chief) of Mahlanya agreed to be Moya’s Patron. Then, to kick start the development of the site, a substantial donation was given for the erection and fencing of Moya Centre.
Thembie Mkhonta and Jane Cox had been working together as volunteers for the previous two years and so decided to start with what they knew best – primary health care. It was important to them that the centre be there to serve those who needed services the most: The communities needs would guide the development.


Moya Centre has since grown into a resource centre where many have the opportunity to serve and others be served with unconditional love.
As Moya developed, the communities’ needs were assessed and accordingly addressed. Orphaned and vulnerable children needed a place of safety where they could attend pre school, have access to sponsorship for ongoing education, be fed and have their health and welfare monitored, whilst still living in the community with their guardians.


Identifying the need for food security, we expanded our programme nationally and, with the support of UNICEF, we have managed to establish organic trench gardens at schools, NCPs (Neighbourhood Care Points) and in communities to support these children while training community members, teachers and trainers to multiply this skill.


The growth of Moya has been exponential! The generosity of donors providing everything from books and clothes to water tanks and entire buildings has been truly incredible.


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