Thunderbolt Brewery

Thunderbolt brewery is Swaziland’s first craft Ale brewery. Founded in 2014, Thunderbolt looks to change the perceptions of beer in Swaziland and offer a unique quality product with a blend of innovation and hundreds of years of history.


Based at Malandela’s complex in Mahlanya/Malkerns, Thunderbolt craft brewery is a small scale brewery that specialises in traditional ales made in small batches to ensure quality and aid innovation. While the definition of the word ‘Ale’ has changed, its modern meaning simply means beer that is not lager; Ale allows for a more complex flavour profile than lager and this means that a variety of different styles can be achieved.


Thunderbolt’s flagship beer is the ‘Swazi Pale Ale’; an easy drinking pale ale that is full of character and improves with every sip. While most of our styles adhere to the centuries old traditions of English ale brewing, our other beers are inspired by other European countries such as Belgium, as well as indigenous ingredients from the beautiful kingdom of Swaziland. Keep an eye out for speciality and one off ales!


Thunderbolt Ales are also free from all preservatives, chemicals and artificial additives and unlike most beers, are 100% vegan friendly! We use only the finest ingredients and locally sourced products where we can, so drink local, drink natural… and drink different!



Contact Details:

Tel: (+268) 76551818


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 (Photo by Tomer Shaltiel)